Happiness, Part 2 by Kwun


Kwun’s latest single in support of his upcoming studio album, a song titled ‘Happiness, Part 2’, comes to further establish him as a capable artist who is in control of his sound and all its nuances. With one more song full of lively detail and heartfelt melodies.

London-based Kwun is a composer, producer, and songwriter. One more single from his forthcoming album ‘Ancient, Ageless & True’, ‘Happiness, Part 2’ is a stunning piece of alternative, electronic pop that levitates with its bright synths, colorful melodies, airy vibes, and reaffirming lyrics. 

Conceived after a series of meditations that got Kwun in tune with the natural state of happiness and joy, this gorgeous cut comes as an expression of this state, describing what happiness is, and imploring us all to just… live. Backed by haunting chords, verses in an entrancing foreign language that sound like magic spells, poppy and crystalline synth sounds, and shimmering trap beats, ‘Happiness, Part 2’ is a rich piece of meaningful pop music dotted by Kwun’s distinctive and soulful vocal delivery and words.

The detailed production of this cut does an amazing job of putting every single element exactly where it needs to be. The layered synths all sound clear and complimentary and the sound is open and breathy. A truly expressive and joyful sound.

Warm and delightful, the song’s music and words in combination create a gentle, embracing cacophony of elating emotions that got my senses heightened. Impatiently waiting for the album from Kwun.