Haunted By You by Bradley Denniston


Artist Bradley Denniston based in Los Angeles, US, released a funky electronic pop song called ‘Haunted’, a delicious treat with a twinge of sadness that will swell up your emotions and get you dancing on your feet. This is Bradley’s 6th single release ever under his record label Radium and ever since he started working his way through the artist side. He has sold over 1 million records globally as a producer and worked on several Grammy and Oscar awards-nominated projects. 

This song is like the alter ego of something like ‘crying in the club’ by Camilla Cabello. It’s a happy song yet there is a lot of hidden sorrow, which makes this song a sonically enriching piece through its ambivalence. The song talks about the duality of someone you connect with but who is no longer there. You can feel the undertones of pain sewed into the joyful tunes of the song. The overall sound of the song is highly energetic, alive, and perfect for dancing, yet it also feels wounded and longing for something lost. The musical arrangement is full, with a very fast-paced rhythm. There are a lot of percussions used in a fun and cheerful way, with a bassy guitar, and prominent cymbals. The song is considered loud with a lot of magical, electronic sounds too. The vocals are so emotive and passionate with a lot of semi-shouting and high-pitched tones. You need this song on your playlist to jump-start a lazy morning or feel good about something bad in your life!