Here and Now by Robert Vendetta


Robert Vendetta‘s newest single ‘Here And Now’is soft, sensational, and emotional masterpiece that feels like it came from the golden generation of singer-songwriters that (I thought) we no longer have. 

The track begins with the piano and vocals in a straightforward verse…Robert’s impactful and emotional lyrics spare no time and start right away telling this heartfelt story. After the verse we head directly into the slightly higher chorus, and we get a glimpse of Robert is capable of vocally.

Just when you thought the song gave us all it could offer, I was surprised by an amazing orchestration and a climactic bridge section with lyrics that are more bright and hopeful…and for the first time since the start of the track…some percussion and drums. It was a mindblowing and brilliant transition. If you weren’t already surprised, Robert will surprise you with one more chorus and extended outro section which has louder and more complex drums playing along with the piano…it’s a beautiful way to end this masterpiece.


All in all, this is the song for you if you were looking for someone that bridges the gaps between David Bowie and Jamea Blunt…a brilliant singer who can give you emotions with nothing but the piano…but can also strike you with minor details in his singing and instrumentals that will remain stuck in your head for days.


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