Here/There by D & the Compass


D & the Compass is back with a laidback offering in collaboration with Malaysian rock band ARVAN. ‘Here/There’ brings chill beats, sensual synths, electrifying vocals, and a song that begs to be replayed.


Based in Kuala Lumpur, D & the Compass is an IDM producer and professional lab chemist whose production is acclaimed by worldwide magazines. ‘Here/There (Translucent Rework)’ is the title for D & the Compass’s latest offering, featuring ARVAN. The song is a piece of chill electronica that fuses D & the Compass’s usual electronic sound with a more organic, instrumental flair from the rock band, and the results are sublime.


From the warm fender Rhodes and impassioned vocal delivery to the tight, electronic beats, whirring synths, and chopped voice samples, the song boasts of its eclectic mix from its very beginning. The simple, restrained composition leaves a lot of space for the instrumentals and the voice to move freely, and this creates a momentum in which the arrangement is unpredictable and thus, always in motion, making the song’s pace always exciting and interesting. The vocals are in a consistent upward climb which plays well near the end as one the song’s three chords gets omitted, leaving space only for the dreamy and breezy 2-chord vamp that rocks back and forth beneath the soulful singing until the end of the song, in a gorgeous display of vocal arrangement.

‘Here/There’ is a simple piece of music that’s loaded with detail, produced by a talented and passionate individual. A chill piece of electronica that’s weighted and balanced, flowing straight into the heart.


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