Hey Daddy by Mick J. Clark


I believe it’s a well-known thing…that art is born out of hardships.

…and that is actually the case with Mick J.Clark’s latest single “Hey Daddy”.

The song is real because it was born out of real-life events, out of hardships that Mick went through during his early years.

Mick talks about how his father walked out on them when he was young. It was a life-changing experience for him…and for anyone who experienced the same situation.

“Hey Daddy” is a pop-rock song, that tells a story, it feels like a story more than a song.

The musical production serves the purpose of giving the space to Mick to sing his amazing lyrics… as I mentioned earlier, feels like a story more than a song.

The lyrics suck you in, taking us back in time in Mick’s life, to experience his emotions as a young kid who experienced his father walking out from his and his mother’s lives.

Mick’s vocal performance hits hard because we all know that it’s real.

“Hey, Daddy” gives me vibes of such great songs by Pink Floyd…and I’ll tell you why.

Because the lyrics are electrifying, and real and talk about a huge social story about pain and recovery.

Which actually is a coincidence, because Mick is also from the UK.

The UK never ceases to amaze the whole world with the number of artistic talents that they give birth to since….forever.

… Mick has such a well-established posture in the music world…

He made it into the official 64th Grammy Nomination for his album “Causes”.

He reached the number 3 spot in the UK with his song “There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do” with over 1 million streams.

He jumped to the number 2 spot in the USA’s iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs in June 2020 with his global warming-themed song “We Know It’s True”.

Mick has written more than 60 songs with many of his works being played on many radio stations like BBC Surrey, BBC Sheffield, and many more.

Mick is a storyteller, a songwriter, a lyricist, a social observer, and a philosopher.

His words are mesmerizing, and he is one of the most “real” artists out there at the moment.

We highly recommend his single “Hey Daddy”…and all of his body of works to anyone who likes to delve deeper into the storytelling side of songs…go check him out now.

Mick, we wish you all the best in the world, you’re doing a great service to your audiences.


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