High Blood Pressure by Sebastian Clarin

Sebastian Clarin

A Stunner that graces our airwaves all the way from beautiful Stockholm, Sweden.
Sebastian Clarin is a Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer. On his third single, High Blood Pressure,  he explores darker sounds, more throbbing rhythms, and more danceable grooves. Not necessarily a summer hit, maybe an autumn one? The rhythms are smoldering hot, with the syncopated synth stabs. The composition is dark and foreboding, and the melodies are twisting and easily digestible. Perhaps the highlight comes in the form of the poetic words, the hypnotic singing, and the alluring, neat arrangement. The singing in particular is noteworthy. Shaky and vulnerable, it makes sure to maintain a streak of confidence which gives the vocal delivery an extremely intimate and human feeling. The words are either very personal or astonishingly acted.

This eclectic mix of styles and musical colors is one that’s definitely worth taking note of. Sebastian says it’s a mix between Bowie and Röyksopp, and since we’ve read that, we can’t seem to get it out of our heads. If you enjoy dance floor epics with a pronounced hint of darkness and despair, do not miss out on this release. 


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