I Don’t Mind by The Alex Opal Outfit


I Don’t Mind is the latest single from Alex Opal’s 7-piece band, and it is an infectious funky groove that’s bound to put a massive smile on your face.

Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the northerners’ sound is a precious blend of blazing funk, and sunshine soul, it is sweet, upbeat, optimistic, and maybe most importantly, properly professional. Featuring the charismatic voice of the newcomer Mattie, I Don’t Mind doesn’t veer off the beaten path. A choir oohs-and-aahs-dominated, funky gem about the abandonment of a drink-fueled night out. An incredibly colorful horn section leads the way with an all-smiles riff that’s infectious and deliciously sets the mood. A cowbell-led drum part is incredibly tight and groovy, and this doesn’t get said enough, but the world needs a lot more cowbells.

The singing from Mattie is solid, and aggressive, and is right there in the forefront of the mix. As stated earlier, the most refreshing thing about all of this is how solid the production is. For a 7-piece band that’s essentially indie, the sound is incredibly refined and nuanced, which was an immensely pleasant surprise. I apologize for having expected less, The Alex Opal Outfit is wholly professional.

I Don’t Mind is infectious, bright, and fun. An optimistic take on the usually trampled-on drunken nights out. Just stay safe y’all, and don’t drink your way into trouble.

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