I Just Need to Know by Jimmy de la Mar


Jimmy De La Mar is giving us his summer party song “I Just Need To Know”…he’s making our summer more exciting and giving us a boost of upbeat positive energy that’s welcomed and enjoyable.

Jimmy is based in Berlin, Germany, that’s his operation base where he makes his energy-boosting house/dance music…

This time around, Jimmy gave us a vocal house/dance song, it was released under the label “Best Of House Productions” and digitally distributed by “Feiyr”.

“I Just Need To Know” comes with a music video also full of summer energy and vibes, the video has us join a day at the sea on a yacht and a couple of moments on the beach and some famous locations like the Santa Monica pier and urban lights from California, USA among other stylish locations.

The quality of the music video is actually professionally produced, with great shots, great coloring, and overall uplifting energy.

The song itself is filled to the brim with many upbeat elements that really get you into the summer vibes…the vocals are minimal and it’s there for a specific reason and effect…and it’s doing its job perfectly.

The music for “I Just Need To Know” is like a huge summer ocean wave that engulfs you…giving you great musical progression, great beats, and percussive elements that make you straight out dance, not just move…great catchy melodies that will have you sing along in no time and overall feel-good vibes by the end of it all.

Jimmy, we wish you all the best in the world, you deserve it.

Can’t wait to hear what you have next for us.



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