Information (ft. Imperative Reaction) by X-RL7


….getting hit in the face sucks…big time…however, if it’s by both the sonic awesomeness and visual amazingness of X-RL7’s new single “Information”…then it’s actually a pretty excellent thing!

X-RL7 is a fictional band, but their presence is undeniable…it’s the artistic result of a brilliant mind, a musician, and an animator, in one super-talented body, Mike Evans.

X-RL7 is both a fictional band and an animated web series by Mike, he creates everything, music, and visuals…and the story of X-RL7 follows their trials and tribulations as they try to make it as a band in a very pixel-art cyberpunk rendition of the future.

The visuals of “Information” are a big chunk of the experience…and we can’t wrap our heads around the fact that the pixel art style is reminiscent of the old point-and-click adventure games, I know because I used to play that stuff, monkey island, leisure suit larry…the list goes on and on…

…but add on top of that a modern artistic flare that adds more details, animations, color, shading, and many modern visual effects. Simply put, it’s brilliant.

Moving to the sonic side of this golden coin, you’ll be treated to some of the best electronic-based music…mixing synth-wave, retro-futuristic elements like the amazing arpeggiated synth…the steady and heavy electronic drums, with some saturation and distortion on top….and a soothing vocals in the midst of all that flavorsome musical tornado…

The music is very cyberpunk-ish, tough, in your face filled with sweet electro heaviness.

…then there is another huge win for the “Information”…the musical composition itself is pretty awesome, very melodic and very percussive too…it’s moving and evolving…it’s super rich, perfectly balanced also on an audio engineering level…this was an absolute blast on all level.

Wishing Mike all the best in life…he surely deserves it, he’s a brilliant musician and an amazing animator/artist…this is simply one of the most highly recommended experiences so far in 2023.

Perfection in a pixel world.





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