Interview With Taylor B-W


Was “Tears of Coal” written with any specific musicians or songs in mind?

Yes, I specifically had Aussie Pop/R&B/Folkronica artists in mind, such as Vera Blue and Jarryd James. Plus, I wanted to write a poetic song, inspired by 90s songwriters like Björk and Thom Yorke.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

Also, at the moment, I love creating songs that have layers too – on the outside, it is a polished production, but when you listen carefully, the lyrics create a whole story and deeper meaning.

Do you remember the exact moment you came to the conclusion that making music is what you wanted to do?

Absolutely I do. It was when I randomly entered myself into an International ‘Battle-of-the-Bands’ style competition, Emergenza. Having never performed my original songs in public before, I was amazed that I kept getting through each stage of the competition until I ended up winning the entire Australian segment! I was then flown over to Germany to perform at the International finals, where I came fourth and won ‘Best Singer’! I returned home to Sydney with a new lease on my music life and I haven’t looked back since!

Who is the primary creative force behind your music video? What are the current plans for the music video for “Tears of Coal“?

The primary creative force is Ben Montague of Moose Visuals. We have worked together on a previous music video before (‘Nunchucks’) and I knew his amazing film-making and cinematography skills would beautifully depict the craziness that love can be. So we came up with a thematic, dissociative concept using light patterns and experimental editing to convey how love is messy and scary sometimes.

I’ve just released a BTS of ‘Tears Of Coal’, plus it is the last single from my upcoming EP that I cannot wait to announce soon!


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