Interview With TerraTara


You previously stated that the band’s primary influences were raggae and world music. In addition to raggae, I could hear a lot of Italian or Mediterranean folk in “A Love, Tantalized.” Was that specific genre in mind when composing this track?

yeah, originally it had a gypsy feel, and I was just picking on the guitar, it was a bit faster and then I changed it to have more of a backbeat rhythm.

Who in the band has the biggest influence on the composition of the songs? Is it a team effort? Can you take us through the steps you take when writing a song?

I write all of the songs. I write the guitar and mandolin parts first. Then I do the vocals, then I add drum and bass. I give the bass player and drummer the idea of what I hear and they run with it. It’s a back and forth processes till something is more solid.

Are there any upcoming albums or shows planned for this year?

Yes, going into the studio at the end of August to record the next song! Playing the Slocan Market on Aug. 6th!

What do you hope listeners will gain from your music?

I hope that they like it and want to dance and sing along!

What is the meaning behind the band’s name?

My name is originally spelled, Tara. And people my whole life ask me is pronounced Terra or is it, Tara? So I decided to make my stage name, TerraTara.



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