Into The Sky by Clay Joule


“Into The Sky” is the latest single from “Clay Joule” and it is honestly one of the most ambient and atmospheric compositions I have ever heard. It’s an instrumental laid back track that will leave you wondering what just happened after it has finished. 

The Spanish guitar played by Mr Enzo Moccia is the only instrument that feels at the forefront of the track. With typical flamenco vibes, it opens the song with a nice refrain that sets off a melancholic vibe. It feels like a movie soundtrack moment where the main character is making some sort of revelation or discovery that he’s overthinking about. 

Behind this guitar are moments of sweet lo-fi percussion that strike at the right moment and then leaves the spotlight on the guitar and clarinet. The vocals performed by Jenny and Clay are purely ethereal chants that feel like they are setting the foundation for the guitar and clarinet and I found that very interesting as usually vocals are put in the forefront, unlike the vibes this track has. 

The clarinet played by Mr Tom Ferrara was one of the elements I liked the most about this but I wish it had a bigger role in the arrangement. Overall, this track feels very experimental and ambient and for some reason, I feel like it’s taken out of a longer composition or a full-length movie/game soundtrack that has a mix of Arabian and flamenco vibes. While no Instrument takes the lead over the others, every element can be beautifully heard after multiple listens as some details are not as clear as the others. 

I recommend it for Spanish guitar lovers or movie soundtrack lovers in particular and I still wish to hear it in a live setting or maybe see a music video to get more emotional context from it.