Istanbul by Scot Free Sessions


The latest song by Scot Free Sessions is a folk/Americana staple entitled “Istanbul”. At its core, the song is based on a guitar chord progression that instigates pain and emotion that beloved Americana and country artists are known to excel at. The lyrics of the track tell the heartbreaking story of a man who was supposed to rendezvous with his lover, an Aussie girl, in Istanbul but she sadly doesn’t show up. It’s not as simple as a woman who stood up to her date though because the lyrics of the verses and the accompanying music video show the anticipation and enthusiasm that the man had before meeting his unrequited love.

There are backing female vocals that soar higher than those of the lead vocalist masterfully and serenely. What further accentuates emotional delivery is the husky/breathy nature of the male vocals that represent this lover’s agony while beautifully harmonizing with the melodies of the guitars and their female counterpart. Speaking of the guitars, they were left simple and only accompanied by an occasional piano and soft percussion that will remind people of the good old days of Johnny Cash and similar artists. The band Scot Free Sessions hail from Alberta and have this vision to make raw and authentic country music, and a mission to make it sound great. And the impression I have with this track makes me think their upcoming album “Edmonton Skyline” is gonna be a massive hit among lovers of the genre as well as new fans and casual enjoyers because their style on this single balances being pure and nostalgic with being modern and accessible.