Jelly by Penelope Pettigrew

Andrew Ratter

A young up-and-coming musician who uses her voice, skills, and talent to express herself, and make a change within her community. Penelope came out as Bisexual and since then she’s been feeling freer and more expressive, she feels Bisexuals are underrated within the Queer community and she felt the need to speak up about it. The artist is all about breaking social norms, boundaries and not sticking to stereotypes.
She auditioned for The Voice and became part of Guy’s team in 2021 which is of course a huge platform to receive recognition on, later she performed at Mardi Gras in 2021 and was a hit. “Jelly” is not the artist’s first single. She has released four other singles from 2019 till now. Penelope has a very powerful voice and a wide vocal range. The lyrics of the song and its context is loud, unapologetic, and aggressive. The word “Jelly” in the song is the artist’s modern take on “haters gonna hate”. The song is a mix of rap and pop, it’s an upbeat, fun song to dance to. It’s the kind of song that would fit with a Cardi B playlist. It has interesting loops, synths and riffs that get it caught in your head easily.

Penelope Pettigrew on Facebook, YouTube, and Souncloud.


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