Keine Eile by Söhne Mannheims

Alexander Münch

The listening experience is always beautiful and enriching when it comes to the pop band Söhne Mannheims. Based in Mannheim, Germany, the band creates its own rules and musical style, totally unbothered by hopping on trends. The band is made up of four members, Dominic, Karim Amun (Who has Egyptian roots), Michael Klimas, and Giuseppe Porello; each with a unique voice and individuality in their performances that all complement one another. They’re planning to release their 7th studio album in 2023 so big music is ahead, waiting for their fans!

Like a sun on a rainy day, the song is heartfelt, soft, and easy on the ears, this soft rock, bluesy track will win your affection as soon as possible. The song is slow yet very intense in emotive ques and vocals, with music that is also groovy with a sweet melody. The song’s overall sound is strong in emotions and uplifting in tone. The soundscape is slow, warm rock, with very mellow energy and something that feels like it’s pushing you forward. The musical arrangement is rich, starting with a prominent acoustic guitar as the star of the track, and a lot of drums and electronic sound effects. Notable sounds are the rap snippets in between the singing vocals. The vocals are very emotive, calm, and high-pitched when needed to perform something dramatic. All in all, this song is exceptionally magnetic and touches your soul so easily.