Know My Name by Virgo


An artist was born just recently with excellent releases, “Virgø” is based in Hawaii where he produces inspired tracks that got recognized by a lot of listeners, he drops in some great beats that will catch you in with some abstract vibes, and he releases a new single on the 29th of April, 2022 calling it “Know My Name,” it has a slamming mix of beats in it that “Virgø” introduces himself through it in some great creativity.

The track “Know My Name” has a mix that can only be listened to and how A-OK the rhythmic beats are created in this one, “Virgø” seems to be influenced by a lot of artists that I found on this piece that have some similarities like Jay-Z and Mike Shinoda that was created in a special and unique way that he has innovated his own style that suits him the best

Virgø’s creativity and songwriting skills put things together in new ways for a person that has a cultivating imagination that is extraordinary. The lyrics on this piece are powerful and strong that will keep you hyped up for your day.

“Know My Name” is the kind of music you can listen to during a rough workout that will get you through it in no time and get you ready for your next day knowing the strength you’ve gained out of the present day’s experience.