L.A.L.I.M.U by Xivra


Electronic producer Xivra released his latest chill and bouncy deep house single “L.A.L.I.M.U”  from Binningen, Switzerland on the 25th of September in collaboration with Valen Eslava.

Dissipating clouds, a cut-out note, and a picture of a rather cute dog comprise the cover art of “L.A.L.I.M.U”, Xivra’s latest offering. 

The track starts with a straight four on the floor, kick, snare, and hi-hat pattern, with a filtered-off melody fading in, followed straight after by a piano chord progression and chopped-up vocal samples that make the first catchy hook of the track. 

“Lalimu, where are you?”

The verse starts after the build-up with these lyrics as sung by Valen Eslava and it seems like someone lost their dog!

The bass gets harsher, the melodies build up, the vocals and samples play off one another, and the track keeps evolving with new ideas.

“L.A.L.I.M.U”  is a playful, chill, and bouncy electronic deep house by Xivra and Valen Eslava, who (the latter) Xivra has been working with on a 12-track debut pop album about love in English and Spanish, according to Xivra’s press info. It’ll be interesting to hear what these two artists come up with together through this collaboration.


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