Last Night In Lisboa by MARS VALENCIA


Artist Mars Valencia will swoop you away with his smooth and cascading tunes in his latest song ‘ Last night in Lisboa’, a track he made after discovering the city for 4 days before making the song. Based in London, UK, Mars released this song on the 6th of January after a very difficult EP called ‘forgive me’ that is the opposite of what this new song promotes about Valencia: Self-confidence. He is influenced by artists like Don Toliver, The Weeknd, and 6lack. Also, wait for a music video to accompany the song.

The song is highly magnetic with its slow R&B soundscape that lets you taste each part of the beat to the minuscule detail. The musical arrangement is definitely euphoric and pleasing to the ears. The song is basically a reflection of where Valencia is in his life. The overall sound of the song is hazy and sensual with a lot of raw emotions and hardcore meaning. The frequency is high and the bass is low and deep. Smooth and wavey, Mars really spits bars from the heart with cutting-edge rhymes. The vocals are light, straightforward, and very passionate. This song is perfect for an after-midnight vibe with moody lighting.