Littlethings Ft. Hate the Boyfriend by Emerald Park


Sometimes, to return to form, it’s best to attempt to rediscover our roots, rather than attempt to forge new roads.

This is exactly what Tobias Borelius did, when at a state of lockdown boredom and post-op contemplation, he decided to reboot his band, Emerald Park, but this time, he decided he’d do it on his own, and he would do it via some older songs, originally in Swedish, giving them a different frock that would appeal to a more massive audience. Littlethings is what resulted from these sessions. 

Evolving into a collaboration with the talented musician/producer Carl Granberg (aka Hate the Boyfriend), Littlethings is a deceptively minimal song, with immaculate vibes, a chill sound, a profound message, and a superb display of musical taste. In Littlethings, Synthpop meets Indie in a velvety manner, smooth as silk. The sound is as barebones and tragic as any Indie music fan would want, yet its marriage with the synthetic stabs and trap beats is effortless and intoxicating. The stiff, reverb-laden beats are perfectly accented by a steady synth that plays the 2 chords on consistent ¼ notes. Boring? Nah. It’s groovy, chill, and full to the brim with charisma. The bass, in particular, is magical. Mostly sticking to the tight rhythmic structure, when it ventures out during a short instrumental break and riffs for a little bit, it is bouncy and cool, and the tone is delicious. 

Mostly, I enjoyed Tobias’s singing more than anything else. An effortless performer, with boundless charm, his delivery is easy and gentle, yet loaded with emotion and intention. The enigmatic lyrics are meaningful and purposefully left open-ended, ready for interpretation. The way it made me feel is how futile our attempts end up being when we go intentionally looking for particular things. A relationship, a promotion, or a purchase, leaves us feeling empty, and hungry for more, as we try to “build the thing, and break it down”. Asking if we could really “fit in, with one good shoe” is a fantastic way of asking how comfortable we feel with who we are, and what we have.

I enjoyed Littlethings maybe a little more than I should, It’s already added to my exclusive Spotify playlist, reserved for my favorites. This minimal little gem is delightful and soulful and deserves a ton of attention.