Live For Christ by Eric Cohen


Artist Eric Cohen based in Kansas City, US, released a really chill and sophisticated hip-hop song called ‘Live for Christ’ on the 10th of March. It will be inspirational, and all the spirituality through art form your need will come straight to you from this song. Eric and Yolanda are on the angelic vocals, and we’re thankful for their collaboration which was assisted by an online chatroom. Everything Eric is inspired by is Jesus which shows in his music sonically and lyrically. 

The song is all about Jesus, love, and hope. Eric lives in the strand area when it comes to making this very focused type of music, and one that is also untraditional. The overall sound of the song is super hypnotizing and relaxing to the ears. You feel like Eric’s message of peace is radiating in the beat. You’ve got an A-class deep bassline, magical sound effects, heavenly and soothing energy, and nature and nautical sound effects mimicking island-like music that is usually very light and freeing. You’ve also got a beautiful piano melody and some intense drums that regulate the slow-paced song by giving it some more intensity. There is a female tune humming on a loop that intensifies the spiritual feel too. The rapping is smooth and confident in tone and the vocals are hypnotizing as well. Add this song to your playlist for a fresh and unconventional listen.