Low Confidence by Jewleyouse


A straightforward track dedicated to women with low confidence against the abuse of makeup, and against negative self-esteem.

Having this fight is the rapper Jewleyouse from Chicago having released ‘Low Confidence’ with epic flows and rhymes.

The track begins with synths alongside ascending flows and delivery that at some point sounded close to 2Chainz’s flow and in Kanye’s vibe in the process of developing others’ behaviors through the nervy lyrical flow.

The track generally demonstrates the relationship between men and women, when the latter is short in confidence and trying their best to look like the superstars on TV.

A snapback to reality through honest and as straight

a die lyrics, with using as simple vocabulary as possible, a thing which might have seemed needs some development through the lyrical depth of meaning and the sharpness of unique vocabulary.

At some times it felt that the track needed to be shorter as the length of five minutes didn’t add much if it was three minutes or something. 

Play ‘Low Confidence’ and tell us what you think.



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