Magic Holiday by Collin Miller


While everyone is getting ready and preparing for Christmas, Collin G. teams up with Sarah Michelle to capture the spirit of Christmas in their latest romantic single “Magic Holiday”

From Tuscan, United States, Collin Miller, also known by his stage name Collin G., is a singer, songwriter, opera singer, and musical theatre performer studying at New England Conservatory. While Sarah Miller is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from the Mid-Atlantic, United States, she is currently training with the jazz guitarist Dr. Frank DiBussolo who worked with various artists such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Diana Ross, and others.

The dynamic duo delivers a sweet love anthem infused with Christmas spirit powered by fast piano arpeggios in the verses giving a magical nostalgia feeling. The first verse is sprinkled with crystallized strings, while the second verse is grounded by a deep piano chord. Each verse is sung by one of the two singers, with a warm vocal tone painting a picture of Christmas. While the chorus is a catchy sing-along with Collin and Sarah harmonizing as they deliver the love in the air and unity theme, backed by upbeat drums, sleigh bells, strings, and choir, giving the song its whole energetic ambiance.