Maybe It’s The Moon by Soa


A space atmosphere deprives you of oxygen and leaves you surrendering to it, to breathe the music presented by Canadian singer, Sophia Simmons-Soa, in her three-track album, “Maybe It’s The Moon.”

A mix of Electronic Pop and some Trap beats takes you on a journey beyond the confines of land on a ship driven by Soa with its soft, earthy sound, drums, and electronic sounds.

Love is what Soa chose to open her album with. The song “ma Luv” appears as a personal experience that she went through. The music in this song pulls you from the state of stillness to swim inside and moves between poetic and musical sentences with the help of sound to live in an incomprehensible relationship with it.

“Give me time” that’s all Soa wants to make you jump into the ocean and sing “cold water.” On the beat of the drums and the most obvious trap rhythm in this track, imagine yourself in front of the beach and jumping into an ocean full of cold feelings, and when you exit from it, you find the sun’s rays contain you with its warmth, and then you admit that this singing experience is very realistic.

“I Can’t Live With…” is a sincere confession to a very balanced rhythm in every respect on the last song from the album, “Maybe It’s The Moon.” Psychologically, it is an admission that women are temperamentally influenced by the moon and its shapes, and musically, it is a strong reflection of the moon as it changes for us, but it does. In the end, the moon, like women, changes in character, but in the end, they are women. In poetics, the words were very appropriate and capable of transforming feelings into lyrical sentences full of creativity.

“Maybe It’s The Moon” will take you to a world full of romantic and sensory realism experiences accompanied by wonderful rhythms and an artistically mature sound. So don’t be afraid and listen.


Edited by: Viola Karmy


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