Mission by Natalie Clark


Natalie Clark’s latest single release ‘Mission’ is a melting point of a plethora of shades of pop. From chamber to alt to folk pop, this hard-to-define affair is a fiery and confident piece of music.

Natalie Clark is a singer and songwriter who grew up in Glasgow, but is currently based in Los Angeles. Her sound can be safely described as pop and her latest release is a powerful song called ‘Mission’. Co-produced by Todd Spadafore in his Los Angeles studio, the duo worked on the song idea provided by Clark with one goal in mind, to achieve an empowering sound to reflect the song’s words, and it is a goal that was surpassed.

The song features a minimal composition that is formed of simple harmony and a few melodic hooks, but where the song shines is in its unusual instrumentation, utilizing booming bass horns and Enya-inspired creamy string arrangements that’s probably got to do with her Celtic roots. The sound produced is a healthy mix of chamber and folk pop sounds that produces an output unlike anything other than Natalie Clark.

With a strong message of the mission Clark is on, the song’s music follows suit, and the cohesive results are loud and proud.