New Piece by Pariz


The up-and-coming artist and producer, Pariz just dropped his fourth single this year “New Piece”; an energetic, deep house track with a fun vibe that can set any party on fire. After the success of his previous singles this year with “Bad Idea” featuring Jaime Deraz which reached over 21K streams on Spotify and was played on the radio in Sweden. Along with “Someone to Forget” and “Demon” which has over 30K streams placing his music on high streaming, popular playlists on Spotify. 

The 23-year-old artist isn’t afraid of taking risks and enjoys experimenting with different genres and moods while keeping his signature and overall imprint on his tracks. “New Piece” was born during a family trip to New York, where he went to seek inspiration and treat his writer’s block. It only took him one day and he got inspired by the city’s distinctive and contagious aura leading to this trendy, hip, and fresh sound with an uplifting beat.  A must-have on your party playlist!


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