Not at all worried by MEGAFON


 A Scandinavian band made of two lovers, Marte Schau’s beautiful, soft voice, and Mikael Fleron’s elegant saxophone swoons. Hailing from Copenhagen, the duo has been together since ’99, but have been MEGAFON since ’08. Their sweet notion is that they are trying to be responsible humans, raise their kids well, and be decent people while making beautiful music that makes life easier for others.

 Not At All Worried does exactly that. A slow-burning stunner that got my nerves to relax, in spite of me, while I listened to it in an anxious social setting, and for that alone, I’m grateful. Starting off with a chill, syrupy Caribbean rhythm and heavily processed layers of harmonizing voices, the singing then starts, sensual, calming, and relaxed. Marte’s voice has a natural quality that makes her singing sound incredibly soft and talk-like. Approachable, relatable, and easy on the ears. The next layer that hits deep is the deep sub-bass. A massive, cushiony layer of bass delivers the meat and potatoes of the emotive chord progression, below the playful, swaying vocal melody. The outro finishes a keys solo that might very well be a heavily processed Sax part. Short but chock full of delicate phrasing and tasty lines, it’s the cherry on top.

 MEGAFON seems to make life simpler. They are not exactly waiting for a spotlight to bask in the glory of, not so keen on getting their music to go viral and all that. They are typical trendsetters playing it cool. Not At All Worried is a sweet piece of music, beautifully written and put together. it actually managed to get me to be not at all worried, but desperately wanting more.