Nothing Like Them by Saneit


Saneit is not afraid to show vulnerability laced with sensuality when it comes to her music, providing us with hardcore rawness. An absolute queen, she conquers the high bars again with a new song called ‘ nothing like them’, on the 18th of November all the way from Chicago, US. Saneit is an independent R&B artist who is working her way up in the industry by improving and bettering her lyrical and vocal skills, which definitely puts her on the radar. Her last song ‘Prove me wrong’, garnered 25 thousand views on YouTube, and we are hoping that her new sensual ballad does the same! 

Seductive, exposed, and true, this song is just another level of amazing female energy from Saneit. With a dreamy and sexual approach, this song speaks of love like it’s addictive and frustrating. Sophisticated in her nature, Saneit really gives us something to listen to. The overall sound of the song is sexy and powerful in emotion. You’ll be all up in your feelings as you blast this song. The soundscape is very slow and heavily vocal textured which feels amazing because who wouldn’t want more and more of Saneit’s vocals coming at you? The musical arrangement is simple yet very powerful because of how the lyrics and vocals are presented. You’ve got good slow, magical harp sounds that make the song feel like an escape, and you’ve got a light piano, and clapping sound effects that regulate the slow pace. Saneit is about to gonna blow up the world with this new track!