One Dub by Ari Joshua


Get ready to move and groove with Ari Joshua’s electrifying new single “One Dub”…a stellar entry in his ambitious mission to release 24 original works in 2024!

This improvisational reggae masterpiece, recorded at the legendary Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, features an all-star lineup of musicians that elevates the track to new heights.

Leading the charge is the incomparable drummer John Kimock, who graces us with a super-dynamic performance…

…on bass, the phenomenal Andy Hess, known for his soulful grooves with Gov’t Mule and The Black Crowes, adding incredible depth and richness to the sound…

…Rounding out this powerhouse quartet is the virtuoso keyboardist Eden Ladin, whose exceptional talent and expressive playing have earned him a place among New York’s finest musicians.

“One Dub” brilliantly showcases the synergy and creativity of this classic quartet formation, delivering a fresh and invigorating take on dub reggae rhythms and melodies. The track’s post-production work further enhances its infectious vibe, making it a standout piece in Ari Joshua’s impressive repertoire.

Don’t miss this exciting collaboration that is “One Dub”…a testament to the magic that happens when top-tier musicians come together to create something truly special. It’s a must-listen for reggae enthusiasts and music lovers alike!

Wishing all the best for Ari and the whole brilliant team of musicians who worked on this extraordinary experience.


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