One More Christmas by Chris Mason


Chris Mason’s latest single is an attempt to hijack the holiday season. Suitably timed, it would be an effortless success if it gains the attention, it so readily deserves.

 From the English Midlands, Chris Mason is a self-taught musician with a clear, enviable knack for pretty melodies, emotional songwriting, and poetic, gut-wrenching lyrics. It helps that his voice is distinctive, and his delivery is immaculate.

 One More Christmas is an ode to spending the festive season surrounded by family and loved ones, and it doesn’t matter which season you’d consider festive, culture and religion aside, spending joyous times with loved ones is a sacred blessing that we all ought to savor and cherish. This is exactly what makes One More Christmas feel universally sweet and heartfelt. The warm, cozy vibes are delivered via tightly mixed acoustic, expansive, roomy drums, and a bass that boasts a gargantuan tone, and a carefully written, minimal line. The heartfelt composition feels gentle and familiar, and Mason’s vocal line reaches high and delivers effortlessly. The strings sound serene and their wails are like siren songs, and the lush vocal harmonies are the cherry on top of this delicious cake.

 With a mix that could have probably been a little more thorough, mitigating some of the hisses from the strings and the rest of the instrumentation, this song would have been an instant, soulful Christmas classic. But make no mistake, in its current form, it’s still captivating, heartfelt, and very, very beautiful.  


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