Out Today Lot D Finds Comfort in Discomfort on New EP ‘Midtown at Midnight’


Lot D is an electronic producer and DJ who primarily focuses on house music production or instrumentals for other artists. Now, he unveils his own EP, Midtown at Midnight. Stream here. He felt inspired by his recent move to Toronto; the new experiences that were juxtaposed by a pandemic. Contrast is the underlying theme of the project, like finding warmth in the cold.

The dark and melancholic track “Midtown Tempo” elicits that feeling of finding comfort in discomfort. It essentially started with field recordings in varying environments, capturing the sounds of the subway and ambient city, coffee shop noise and random conversations. You’ll hear a heavy nod to the complexity and rule breaking of jazz but also the subtle simplicity of early Chicago House, all under a lo-fi veil.

Press via Auteur Research


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