Please Don’t Burn The Sage by Ryan Yingst


When I first heard Ryan Yingst’s “Please Don’t Burn The Sage”…I was mesmerized.

The song has a couple of twists, especially if it’s your first time listening to the amazing Ryan Yingst.

Ryan is many interesting things…singer, songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and a guitarist at heart, audio engineer and producer…that’s a lot of cool and interesting things to be all at once…and also Ryan is based in Nashville, Tennessee, one of the cities that has a long history with music…so even the place he’s at is filled to the brim with musical history.

Ryan’s “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” is a story…about living with the losses of loved ones…and how that makes us appreciate the people that we love that’s around us at the moment…

The song starts with an old vinyl crackling sound on top of the intro guitar arpeggio…

You get the feeling you’re going back in time, only to be surprised that after this intro, all the crackling effects are gone and you’re in a pristine and clear listening space…

Ryan’s voice is captivating, to say the least…and is perfectly utilized in “Please Don’t Burn The Sage”…the music is an acoustic experience, with sliding guitars, finger picking and an acoustic kick drum and some percussive elements…

The whole experience is like a dream…with the music and instrumentation holding the main vocal melody shining on top…

Ryan’s vocal performance and delivery is on point…it’s like watching an emotional live performance on stage, it’s good.

We wish you Ryan all the best in life, you definitely deserve it…can’t wait to see what’s next for you, but we’re sure it’s great things.

Go check out Ryan Yingst’s “Please Don’t Burn The Sage” right now on spotify…


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