Prototype by MILLHOPE


Cologne-based band Millhope joined forces with singer Jenny Thiele and released their latest single “Prototype”…a genre-bending musical odyssey that fuses many musical directions to create a completely new and fresh world for audiences of all musical backgrounds to enjoy.

…these are the great minds behind Millhope…

Thomas Mühlhoff, producer, composerInstruments: Bass, Guitar, Synth Alex Höffken: Drums

Starting from a post-rock world, “Prototype” continues to evolve into a huge mountainous musical experience that engulfs many more styles…it surely has some strong post-rock vibes, but while also having a strong synth presence and even some cyberpunk-ish energy, especially in the drums and beats sections.

“Prototype” is the fourth of five singles from the upcoming album “Truth & Dare”, coming out during the spring of 2024.

Sharing DNA with some of the most prolific musical projects that include Tycho, Boards of Canada, and Emancipator…” Prototype” is an absolute monster of a song.

…it starts with mesmerizing smooth angelic intro vocals with some of the most post-rock clean ambient guitars there are and let’s not forget the powerful steady beat cyberpunk infused drums.

“Prototype” has some of the best synth lead lines you’ll encounter this season…and some of the best synth sounds, arpeggios, and overall synthetic sounds you’ll find.

Millhope is presenting a very intriguing and exciting musical case with “Prototype”…a stunning musical experience that is not to be missed.

Wishing all the best to the amazing Millhope, can’t wait to check out their upcoming album.





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