Reign Love by Dorian


Dorian is an artist who was able to mix pop and R&B/soul genres creating music that is catchy, subtle, and trendy. The artist started releasing music in 2019 with a few singles and an album released every year since 2020. The artist’s social presence and fan base are quite remarkable; he was able to reach over 14K listeners every month on Spotify and over 5K followers on Instagram. With no intention of stopping any time soon, the artist just won an award with EnjoyTheMic as an “Artist of the year 2022” award, such an outstanding achievement for an up-and-coming artist. 

This year he released his latest album ‘The arrival: Dream World pt2” given that his album last year was called “Dream World”. ‘Reign Love’ was the first single he released from the album, and it was definitely a smart decision. The song has an overall seductive vibe with a very catchy and interesting beat with lots of sound effects and synths used to create layering and add more texture to the music. It starts with the main melodic motif of the song that is maintained throughout as a base. Dorian has a soft and skilled voice with interesting vocal control. Although there’s lots of repetition in the song yet there’s a slight change in themes in terms of melodic line, beat layering, sound effects changing and rap part added, to keep it interesting and take the boring element out of the equation. Towards the ending, a lot of overlapping in the musical lines, and the sounds become entwined that you need to focus to be able to listen to a specific line. Accompanied by the release of the single was a music video that’s simple yet well directed and of good quality. 

It won’t be a waste of time if you listen to this song and watch its music video. I’m sure it’ll catch your attention that you’ll have to press replay.