Ride (Feat. Astrid Ripepi) by Philip La Rosa

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Staying at the top in your field for quite a while is evidence of the beauty and superiority of what you do and Philip La Rosa managed to stay at the top in the music field several times in a row due to his different songs since many of the singles released by him since 2016 managed to remain at the summit a great period and remain so far And his recently released new song can be a hit too.

Philip La Rosa’s new song “Ride” and features Astrid Ripepi is a kind of chilling song, a quiet love song with meaning.

“Ride” is a typical commercial pop song that has beautiful vocals in the chorus with stunning harmonics, also, the lyrics are simple and easy to understand and feel deeply.

What distinguishes Philip’s music in my opinion is the diversity throughout his songs and the presence of an idea or a story that he wants to express in each song as well as the clarity of melody along with the lyrics. 

If you are trying to relax and get more emotional and simplicity, “Ride” is a suitable choice, for sure. 

Ride is a suitable song to listen to in your car during a long ride with your loved one.


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