Road Trip Summer Remix by KELSIE KIMBERLIN


Kelsie Kimberlin has released a summer song that will take us on a journey, making our summer a…dancier one…this is the summer remix of her original song “Road Trip”, which was already a great song.

Based in Washington DC, USA, Kelsie’s original “Road Trip” is a more moody, acoustic with some melancholic storytelling elements…which was actually great…great mid-song piano solo…excellent vocals, and musical production…but now, we’re entering the summer and Kelsie is releasing a more pop/dance remix of “Road Trip”…and it really works independently as if it wasn’t a remix….this is something that I don’t think I’ve experienced many times…could be the first time actually.

“Road Trip” summer remix is on the other side of the proverbial coin, of the original song.

This time, Kelsie is making us more active, dancier, and pop…with a more upbeat tempo and a more active musical production.

Both of the styles really fit Kelsie’s vocals quite nicely…that’s because Kelsie is both extremely talented and smart, and she knows how to perfectly fit her awesome vocals to music that would complement it…and also the other way, Kelsie’s vocals complement both songs, original and remix perfectly.

I wish more artists would do what Kelsie did here. She did an awesome song, then remixed it and once again did an amazing job….

I think another reason why the remix works so well is that they didn’t change much in the soul of the original music…they actually did a re-instrumentation, re-balancing of the song’s energy, and gave it a new light to get the summer going.

Kelsie, we wish you all the best in life, you’re an amazing artist and we can’t wait to see what you have next for the world…we bet it’s going to be awesome.

Both “Road Trip” & “Road Trip Summer Remix” are excellent songs for different occasions, this is a highly recommended listen…but beware, it’s a bit catchy, you might get the melody stuck in your head for quite some time. 






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