Rocketship by Alexa Perez


Alexa Perez returns with a fourth single to follow the success of her previous three. The melancholically hopeful, hopelessly romantic ‘Rocketship’ sees the songstress weave a fantastical love story that sends us soaring into outer space.


Based in Huntsville, Alabama, Alexa Perez is a singer and a songwriter whose indie pop tunes are consistently cohesive and delightfully punchy. Utilizing crystal clear production makes Perez’s music sound pristine and adds an element of immersion to her already compelling songs and lyrics. ‘Rocketship’ starts by introducing its punchy backbone beat supported by a brooding synth bass groove before Alexa’s voice breaks in. Her genial delivery on the relatively chilled verses makes them genuinely pulling, and her melodic delivery of the chorus melody and the song’s most memorable line “as the world keeps on turning, will you keep on turning” creates a distinct contrast between the two parts.


The stunning production, with its impressive layering of Alexa’s voice parts, and its choice of synths, calculated compressions, and very neat output, all make ‘Rocketship’ a truly gorgeous song to be heard on nice, loud headphones. Not to mention the stirring lyrics, Alexa’s bittersweet chords and soulful melodies, or the song’s rich pop arrangement. There is nothing to fault with Alexa Perez’s anticipated fourth single.


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