Same by Said Sara


The latest track from Said Sara is entitled “Same” and it’s one of those projects that you can call dark pop or alternative pop, because of how it’s accessible yet has an eccentric and unique style.

The song begins with an acoustic guitar chord progression that feels a little bright, but it’s accompanied by husky and melancholic vocals. The vibes are folk-ish yet ominous and dark here, and it’s an amazing mix that’s done seamlessly and effortlessly.

A special refrain plays as if it’s a pre-chorus, then the second verse begins with vocals that are stronger and more gut-punching than the first verse. 

The chorus/chorus-like section repeats on the guitar, and then the backing vocals join in on the action to add the main vocal layer in an epic way that gave me instant goosebumps once I heard it. It was totally unexpected, but it didn’t take away from the intimacy and the feeling of personal struggle that the vocals are sung with.

The highlight of the song for me is the highly harmonious part with the vocals that are followed by the special guitar line. I really love it when the vocal range of a singer can evoke a spectrum of emotions much bigger than the sum of its parts. This isn’t simply a side project or a unidimensional acoustic track, but rather a different musical direction that David Benson has ventured into with full force and majestic emotional delivery.