It is really hard for an artist to not reflect on the dark times we are living and that’s what British singer/songwriter Ben Dalby did on his latest single “Season of the Knife”. It is sadly relatable and portrays the frustration and anger we are all feeling from all over the world and that’s what true art is all about. 

Cover art by kolahari

“Season of the Knife” is a dark, bold tune that’s filled with heavy emotions and old school psychedelic vibes. It starts with a slow groovy bass intro that builds a lot of anticipation while the main melodies are being introduced slowly, all focusing on Ben Dalby’s deep haunting voice giving the lyrics the full focus they deserve. The vocal melody has a smooth progression from verse to chorus and throughout the whole song with backing vocal harmonies giving it texture and diversity towards the end.  I loved the bluesy guitar tone and how the guitar licks were carefully placed to fit perfectly in their place giving the warm effect needed through the dark mood. The song shows Ben Dalby’s clever songwriting skills and instruments arrangements and layering within a simple yet, catchy structure with no showing off, just delivering an important message through a stream of emotions.

“Season of the Knife” is one of those songs that’ll throw you into a stream of thoughts and feelings like it did to me. I kept on playing it over and over trying to digest all the emotions that have been shared by Ben Dalby through his music and lyrics. Shout out to producer Leighton Allen (The Hoosiers), artist kolahari for the cover art and Rachel DiBiasio (ClashCreates) for shooting that neat music video. Definitely keeping an eye on Ben Dalby, waiting for more. Cheers!


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