Sign by Felicia Lase


Felicia Lase seems like a very interesting person. Born in Indonesia, based now in Melbourne, she’s an award-winning singer/songwriter who makes passionate Indie Soul with a strong RnB taste, and a healthy dose of Trap beats. Very interesting, right?

Yes. Sign in her latest single. Self-written and produced, Sign makes it clear that Felicia is talented as well as interesting. Sign Is that succulent mix I stated earlier, and it’s done sweetly, with no hint of excess. A succulent genre-fluid crossover that’s smooth, pretty, honest, and chic. The composition is soulful, with minor fourths and dominant sevenths and other fancy-sounding words that get used by music students to assert their intellectual dominance.

The composition is simple and flows quite beautifully thanks to those spicy-sounding chords. The singing is where we should be more focused, though. Felicia Lase is an amazingly passionate singer whose tenor voice is deep and rich, and her delivery is full of all the drama and panache of a Broadway diva in the roaring twenties. The arrangement is also fitting. Piano-heavy, with slow-burning rhythms courtesy of the drums and the boomy bass, along with a layer of synth strings that’s pretty and sit quite snuggly in the mix.

Felicia Lase has a neat mix going on for her in this song. and it’s a mix that’s achieved elegantly. The result is sublime. A gorgeous piano-led ballad with lush musical sensibilities. A truly delightful listen.


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