Skandal by Major Kami

Photo Brad Dillon

Major Kami announces her upcoming release “Skandal” coming out on the 2nd of December as part of DAMde8’s second EP which will be released on the same date.

Camille Miller known as Major Kami is a Canadian singer/songwriter/composer based in Singapore. She is part of a French-based collective project called “DAMde8”, founded in 2019 by composer/producer Denis Expert and composer/sound engineer Dan Burkhart. It consists of 30 artists and speakers from all over the world who have never met each other. Fifteen of those people work together for one purpose, which is capturing the spirit and sound of David Bowie in an album called Major Jones about Bowie’s life; with Major Kami and their guest Sarah Jay Hawley from massive attacks on vocals.

Skandal is about being different, cuddling the outcasts of society in a warm hug. With a warm bass synth and drum kicks topped with Major Kami’s soothing and expressive vocals, the verses deliver a cozy atmosphere. In the chorus the song gets groovy; with a duet between amazing synth vocals and Kami’s stunning falsetto voice backed by ambient synth fully capturing the 80’s vibe. The song ends in a repetitive sing-along outro backed by an electronic beat, synth ambiance, Kami’s backing vocals, and a synth-pulsing lead line fading out.