Soldier Boy by Mick J. Clark


Mick J. Clark’s latest single, Soldier Boy, manages to achieve a very particular triumph. An efficient, elegant, and simple achievement.

Mick is a singer\songwriter from Croydon, England. His sound is a mellow mix between the aesthetic soundscapes of Richard Hawley, and the mindful lyrics and depth of Johnny Cash, resulting in songs that are wholesome musical meals that sound comforting and warm. Soldier Boy is no exception on any of those fronts. An ode to soldiers, protectors of nations, and sacrifices of life and self, and above all, people. Fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons. Clark’s message is delicate and gorgeous. The soft chords and the pillowy strums are perfectly efficient and consistent. Reaffirming. The snare marsh starts soft; a fact that comes beautifully into play when you picture a confused boy in a military uniform hitting it, it soon resides in its natural role, a solid, supportive beat that enhances the backdrop of Mick’s rich and intimate delivery, bolstered by emotional, heartfelt lyrics. 

Notable details like the melodic whistles solo, heralding in perfect smoothness an upward lift in key, the fantastic string arrangement throughout the song, sounding grand and artfully restrained, a rich backdrop to all the other elements, and the charming flute, sounding thin and lonely, just like the terrified soldier boy. Details that provide depth and richness that adds massive value to this otherwise simple tune. 

Mick’s noble intentions intertwine with the gorgeous, delicate atmospheres of his latest single, with intimate, moving lyrics, resulting in a song that’s deceptively simple, with immense depth and soul. Soldier Boy manages to stand on its own two legs, a rich, heartwarming, and an intimate song about the tragic, heroic soldiers everywhere. Mick J. Clark’s music is cause for attention and admiration.

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