London-based singer and songwriter Stacey Jackson returns to stun us with an inspiring accompaniment video to her latest single, the anthemic ‘Soldier’.

 Returning from immediate successes, Stacey Jackson’s ‘Flipside’ and ‘Urgent’ were hits that we loved and still cherish to this day. So, when it was announced that her upcoming chapter would be led by the studio album ‘Super Woman’ we were rightfully excited to see how she would follow those hits. Enter ‘Soldier’, Jackson’s first taster of what ‘Super Woman’ would be like… and consider us pleased.

 Jackson continues to fearlessly show off her admiration for the colorful 80s. With an arrangement blaring with bold synths and a gold-hued video club to match the boldness, ‘Soldier’ comes across as an essentially confident and reassured piece of music. This confidence is mirrored in the song’s inspirational lyrics calling for every one of us to stand up for our own selves and be our own soldiers in this life’s battles. Stacey delivers her lyrics with a simplistic, easy-to-follow melody, on top of a similarly simple harmonic structure that is not devoid of tasty and challenging vocal chops that showcase what Jackson is capable of as a singer while remaining approachable and dripping with pop appeal, especially so with the arena-sized synths and banging machine-gun beats.

 Soldier’s appeal lies in its reassured stance and confidence in performance, topics, imagery, and production. A wholly expert-grade offering that says quite loudly that Stacey Jackson would be following earlier successes with even more terrific music on Super Woman.