Stacey Jackson’s “Soldier” is a wave of nostalgic flair smoothly blending with a contemporary colorful canvas, resulting in an authentic blended sound. It’s an inspiring anthem that utilizes all of its well-crafted elements to urge you to rise again, earn your freedom, and soar high.

A Singer, a songwriter, an entrepreneur, a TV presenter, and a mother of four are what Stacey Jackson is on a regular day. That makes one wonder: is she a superheroine by night? She can do it all, and she’s using her music to encourage us all to unleash our powers and be whatever we dream of.

“Soldier” has all that it takes to be a pop banger. It was co-written with Ramzi Sleiman, and that collaboration resulted in something incredible. All of the elements in the song work together to put you in a particular vintage yet present-day mood and, while you’re enjoying vibing in, deliver a significant message and give you a push forward.

Right from the intro, the song has such an infectious energy that it makes you eager to run, dance, or conquer the world. By the song’s end, you’ll feel charged enough to do the things you’ve been delaying out of fear.

The vocals, lyrics, musical composition, and production work hand in hand to make you believe that you’re as powerful as a soldier and that you’ve got to keep repeating the song. Jackson’s vocals are dulcet in one way and empowering and determined in another. She has a charming tone that makes you embrace each lyric she’s singing and offers a feeling of liberation. The musicality is structured to drive you to add the song to your mood-boosting playlist. The lyrics are your adrenaline dose for the day; they’re written in a way that provokes any negativity and conjures up the heroic soldier in you.

“It’s never too late to take a step,” the mesmerizing artist tells you. Hit the play button to enjoy the rest of the witty writing, catchy rhythms, passionate singing, and retro vibes. 




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