Some of the Time by The Official 4PM


The Official 4PM returns to the music scene with their R&B release, “Some of the Time.”

Whether you know The Official 4PM or not, once you hear their single, “Some of the Time,” you’ll have a nostalgic sense. There’s no specific element that makes it sound timeless; it’s just that the overall execution has a vintage vibe that makes you feel like you’re listening to a 90s hit. However, it has a futuristic touch that makes it convenient for this era.

Reney (Ray) and Roberto Pena Jr., along with their longtime friend, Larry McFarland, form The Official 4PM. They first got together in 1991 as the acapella group “IV Real,” and they were four back then, with Martiz (Marty) Ware being their fourth member. Over the years, they had massive successes, went on and off, and now they’re making a smooth comeback with their single, “Some of the Time.”

4PM is an acronym for “For Positive Music.” Nevertheless, the trio doesn’t offer clear skies; they keep it real, and their music has a stormy side. “Some of the Time” is an evident example of that, in the form of ear candy. It conveys the essence of a relationship when partners love each other “some of the time,” while other times they can’t stand each other. The lyrics paint quite a picture of this relatable couple’s attitude, and the vocals soulfully bring this picture to life.

The song starts with some resonating harmonies, setting a warm atmosphere that remains till the last note. It has a chill arrangement that soothes the soul with mesmerizing harmonies and organic instrumentation. The tuneful vocal line is delicate and has a retro timbre, yet it delivers a contemporary performance that makes one engage with the energy. By the end of your first listen, you’ll come to the solid realization that this is your mood-boosting track!

“Some of the Time” paves a polished, fresh path for 4PM, and it won’t be hard for this sophisticated group to crash the scene with their authentic music. Their self-explanatory album, “A Song for Everyone,” is up next, and I can’t wait to see the gems it holds.



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