Stoppage Time by Sonomancer


In a fitting moment in time, Sonomancer releases a football-inspired single to immortalize the moments of the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Intentional or not, the World Cup is happening now, and the Melbourne-based producer Sonomancer has chosen to release Stoppage Time now, it’s only natural to connect the dots. Stoppage Time happens to be incredibly enjoyable, comparable to the sporting event that’s underway. This piece of sublime Indietronica starts with the unmistakable chants and cheers of adoring fans, before quickly morphing the stadium-filling, pounding, cheering beat into a solid, fast-paced groove on an immaculate-sounding drum kit. The rest of the recipe is hectic synth leads that feature an extreme filtering effect in the first half, with little to no composition to take note of, this part makes use of driving beats, and energizing effects, leaving no need for any melodies whatsoever. The second half though features a descending, psychedelic, and hypnotic progression that sounds compelling and intoxicating, delivered via a similarly hectic synth, this part is sublime and truly infectious.

Stoppage Time is simple to listen to, simple to understand, and simple to enjoy. A piece of hearty Indietronica that can easily be enjoyed years and years from now.