Summerstorm by Milena Galasso


A melodious singer and songwriter coming from an Italian/Serbian heritage blowing us off with her voice “Milena Galasso” who is currently based and making music in London with her friends who collaborates with her in this project “Alex Rigueiro” the Spanish Musician and “Phil Boothroyd” an English songwriter. Milena has released her first ever which will be released on the 9th of Sep. 2022 called “Summerstorm” which has the perfect atmosphere for this summer’s mood.

The song “Summerstorm” is released at the most perfect timing of the year that will give you the special summer vibes and feel-good song with Milena’s harmonic voice she adds in this piece is beautiful with a lot of emotions that she easily connects through her vocals and music in this one.

“Summerstorm” lyrics are beautifully structured with the instrumental elements that have the ability to send an uplifting muse to your soul, this song allows your anxiety to calm down magnificently while listening to it.

It contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and lush instrumentation scented with a nostalgic indie-pop aroma that is perfect to listen to while sitting in a busy café that will turn it into a peaceful haven for you.


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