Tell a Lie by Mikano

Laurent Segretier

Rising star and prominent hip hop artist in the French and international scene Mikano released a raw and lowkey emotionally striking song called “Tell a lie”, on the 23rd of November from Paris, France. A part of his new EP ‘Akwa l”, which was named after Douala’s districts in Cameron where he spent his early years. This song is part of his more intimate and vulnerable works than his previous work. His first debut was in 2018, and with his eye on the international scope was blessed to have fresh sounds that combine Parisian, African and international elements in one artist. 

This song is about human relationships, honesty, and morals. We see the deep struggle in his lyrics and even speak of needing guidance around the difficult societies in which we live. The overall sound of the song is serious and also energetic with an undertone of confidence and attitude accompanying the shaky topic. The song is incredibly catchy and suits the mood of the difficult topic. With a medium pace, the soundscape is a slow and heavily processed hip hop beat, with the musical arrangement including a harp-like guitar sound effect, a playful hard bass, drums, and a funeral sound effect that is really shaking up the beat. There are female voice snippets and catchy ad-libs repeating some lyrics. We also have to mention some seriously smooth bar spitting from Mikano. Hit this song for a confidence boost that we all make wrong choices! 




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