That Will Be Me by Michael Peloso


Indie songwriter Michael Peloso is set to release his second single of the year “That Will Be Me” on April 6th, which is part of his upcoming second album. Michael developed a passion for music when he was 8 and at 14 years old he wrote his first song discovering his gift for songwriting. Throughout his career Michael has co-written with various musicians such as Natalie Jean, Christina Gaudet, Kathy Sanborn, and Dennis Sy.  He released his debut album, “Life’s Little Accidents,” in 2021 under his publishing company, “Four Simple Notes.”

“That Will Be Me” is a beautiful and emotional 4-minute song that will touch anyone’s heart. The song features Marisa Frantz’s warm and expressive voice backed by beautiful piano arpeggios. As the song progresses we are met with sweet guitar melodies played by Sami Turunen and an emotional cello line played by Yoed Nir, giving the song more depth and a full touching soundscape with a glimpse of hope.

Michael wrote “That Will Be Me” during his recovery from stage IV colon cancer for his daughters. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it. If I didn’t, I wanted them to know that I would somehow be there for them” said Michael, further adding, “I believe we’re never truly gone. It’s also a message of hope. There will always be someone there in your time of need. Never give up!” 

Michael’s ability to write from his experiences makes his music relatable and heartfelt, and “That Will Be Me” is no exception. Be sure to check out Michael Peloso’s latest single, “That Will Be Me,” and follow him for future releases.



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