The Abyss by Dax


The one and only musical sensation and social media sensation Dax is at it again, releasing his single “The Abyss”…a song that breaks any and all boundaries between artist and audience, connecting both on a very human level, and connecting us all to the dark spots we find ourselves in.

Dax is a master crafter of both words and music…and a duper charismatic online persona too.

I’m one of the millions of fans who follow Dax on social media, he’s a genius songwriter and he’s a super fun person that does the light and fun stuff and also does the heavy stuff…”The Abyss” is one of the heavy stuff…might even be the heaviest so far.

“The Abyss” has no one element that steals the show…the music video is impeccable, with Dax acting out heavy emotional scenes…and heavy lyrics…

…Dax’s vocal delivery is stunning and mesmerizing as always…brilliant…

…the music is also one of the strongest elements of the experience…it feels like the music has been produced with the emotional spectrum of the song point and center.

All production elements that have been put into “The Abyss” are triple A, top notch, killer quality levels of production…killer.


The song was just released 13 days ago on youtube and it already garnered 1.1 million views…

…this is a testament about how punchy yet emotional and soul touching a song “The Abyss” is.


By now, Dax is an icon, with his own unique and charismatic style in lyrics, vocal flow and music…he is an extremely established artist that is always raising the bar…for himself before everyone else…and he’s overcoming his achievements with higher and bolder ones.

We wish all the best to Dax…we’re always waiting for new releases from him, because he is a game changer and disruptor that always surprises the audience.


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