The Best You’ll Ever Have by Katie Belle


Katie Belle’s single ‘The Best You’ll Ever Have’ is a piece of searing, dark synthpop that lures you in and keeps you hooked on that replay button for more of the same.

Singer/songwriter Katie Belle hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and her sound is essentially modern, clean-production, radio pop, but with a few twists up her sleeve that make her music stand well apart from the bunch. Vocal and melodic, Katie Belle’s latest single is sung in a talk-sing way that’s effortless, confident, and quite intoxicating. Her vocal prowess does not necessarily shine on ‘The Best You’ll Ever Have’ in terms of range or power, but rather in terms of pure charisma and immaculate control.

Katie’s latest single exudes a dark character, courtesy of twisty synth arpeggios, a Minor scale composition, and a largely minimal arrangement that doesn’t boast of many layers, but with the few that it has got, great results are made. The trap beats shapeshift from a syncopated kick drum line in the intro that shifts to a more urgent beat on the pounding chorus before a smooth shift to a bridge section in half-tempo that beautifully breaks the pace with its simmering, portmanteau synth bass. The result from the nuanced rhythm arrangement, the dark, alluring composition, and Katie Belle’s intoxicating vocal delivery ar a piece of pop that’s intricate, pulling, and immensely enjoyable.

The Best You’ll Ever Have is a solid release from one of the rising stars in Atlanta’s pop scene who is starting to make much larger ripples, attracting new listeners to her personal brand of pop from all over the world, and with me having her music on repeat for maybe an hour, she’s got at least one new fan. Check out this single from Katie Belle, and if you like, make sure to give ‘Next Ex’ and ‘Don’t’, also from Katie Belle, a listen.